Punk-O-Matic 2 is a music creating game created by Evil-Dog that succeeds the popular game, Punk-O-Matic. It has a pretty large following.


When you start the game, you have to create a band, which you can later customize by buying the members of your band items, like new instruments and clothing. There are two modes in the game, the Story Mode and Free Mode. In the story mode your band has to play concerts to unlock achievements (and there also a few other hidden things you do) to unlock city events. In these city events you meet the characters and see what they're up to. Along with this, you can make music (of course) and play concerts, as already mentioned. The free mode is just focused on making songs and playing in concerts. When making songs, you click on one of the boxes where you select a fret (for basses and guitars) or a drum beat. Each fret represents a different chord on the guitar. Each fret has a multiple amount of manual riffs, and some even contain special riffs. Special riffs are pre-made guitar riffs that sound cool. On the Punk-O-Matic website, registered users can post their songs up for other to rate. There are also monthly contests that occur where users can get prizes. The types of contests vary. On the Punk-O-Matic forums, there are a bunch of unofficial contests that you can enter just for the hell of it. When playing concerts, users can either play a song that they made or a song that they learned when watching a concert. You can choose either guitar 1, guitar 2, bass or the drums. There are also different levels of difficulty going from Easy, to Normal, to Insane. Beware, the drums are very hard, even on Easy! You can play up to 3 songs a concert, and after each song the fans throw stuff at you, which you can collect and unlock achievements. After you finish a concert, depending on how well you did and the level of difficulty you played on, you will get money and fans. The amount of money and fans that you get also depends on where you play the concert.

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