KLNN 98.8 Clone Radio is a Punk-o-Matic Radio Station, started in January of 2013 by megadeth52. The first episode was released on February 9th, 2013, titled "KLNN 98.8 Clone Radio Broadcast #1". The radio station currently has 11 published broadcasts, with a 12th installment under construction. It will feature:.

"I like to make my show feature more underground and lesser know artists, some from 2011 and stuff, and others that are new and unknown, like TheRumpThumpers. We feature "Music Fact of the Day", where I tell you a weird and abnormal fact about some musicians, real life or POM. It's like the underdog of Radio Night, but we came before them. Don't get that mixed up!"

- megadeth52, 2014

The Beginning Years (Early 2013 - Mid/Late 2013)Edit

KLNN 98.8 Clone Radio's first episode came out on February 9th, 2013. At that moment, the station "POM Radio" was just about dead, as was "Metal Militia Records Radio". megadeth52 then figured people like stuff like that So he got some samples and songs, made some voice segments and threw it all together. Thus, KLNN Clone Radio was born! The first episode only got 1 rate, but the broadcasts later to come received more rates.

IN June of 2013, Radio Night was created. megadeth did not seem to mind, for did he not care or want to have a rivalry. But he started to notice that less people tuned in to KLNN. He started getting 2 rates instead of 4. Lorde, He even brought in Kyoufuu RazorWind to do some segment work, and still less rates. Typical megadeth, he did not mind. He saw that less rates was not the problem...

"After seeing that my rates on KLNN were going down, I did not fear. People wanted to hear radio, so, with Radio Night or KLNN, they were getting it. They were getting their Radio hosts and new music. And that was my point all along, if the people get what they want, why stop them?"

The Radio Crisis (Late 2013 - Early 2014)Edit

After the release of KLNN Broadcast #9, NXT Radio 99.7  was created. Of course, megadeth52 was in no worry. And then, X76.6 Radio came. But before all of those, THAT POM SHOW! was brought in. What was happening? It was just one man reviving radio stations due to the emptiness, to 5 or 6 stations! It used to be no worry with Radio Night on the block, but megadeth wasn't sure if he could keep up with this non-sense. But, it all worked out, and the show is still going with a steady amount of rates.