There are a load of contests that take place on the official site of Punk-o-Matic. They can be divided into the 'Official' and 'Unofficial' or 'Forum' contests. Apart from these music-based contests, there are also, non-music based ones. None of these non-music based ones are official.

Official ContestsEdit

These contests were mainly held by Evil-Dog. The last official contest was held in December 2011, with Danshou winning the $25 prize with his song 'Waiting the Hurricane'. The entries of the last Official contest were checked by Super-Admin Ryan Poe.

Other than the usual PoM song contests, there were other external Official contests, Singing contests, one-minute song contests, and collab contests [citation needed]

Unofficial ContestsEdit

These are also called forum contests. These are not sponsored by or are held by Evil-Dog, but by other members of the community. Unofficial contests are mainly of the Song-making genre, but can be as vague as 'The Lame Joke Competitition (Started by hoodedice.)'[some other example of a vague contest] Some contests are pretty famous, and generate more heat than the official ones.[debatable] The Generous Generation is one competition. Here are some notable Unofficial Contests

The Generous GenerationEdit